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Vertical loader 95°


Container Loading Solution Vertical Loader 20’/ 95° Fully hydraulic
The Vertical Loader provides the possibility of tilting a container from a horizontal position to 95°. This angle is necessary to be able to pick up the container from the ground or put it down again. The tilt system is designed to set a 20’ container vertical, to enable loading in a 90-degree position. With the hydraulic control of the TwistLocks, it is not necessary to connect the container to the system manually. This has the advantage that it increases ease of use, saves time and is safer. After all, it is not necessary to climb up. This makes the system very suitable for the transport of bulk goods and scrap metal. Because the system is entirely hydraulic, containers can be loaded and unloaded in a few minutes.

In short:

  • shipping containers can be loaded optimally when they are placed on their end
  • the Vertical Loader is perfectly suited for transport and for placing containers on their end
  • containers can be loaded quickly using a crane, conveyor belt, pipe, etc.
  • doors close and container is pulled horizontal onto trailer, this can be done quickly and safely with fully hydraulic control


  • fully hydraulic, very high ease of use
  • maximum load volume of the container
  • in ~3 minutes, a container can be set vertically for maximum loading
  • tilt 90°, connect and disconnect an ISO 20’ container
  • hydraulic TwistLocks and hydraulic door closers (depending on cargo) mean no more climbing
  • optimal axle load distribution with the slide range of the sliding frame
  • can also be used for unloading
  • very safe, everything can be controlled remotely
  • can also be controlled using mechanical control valve placed in stainless steel box in case of unexpected problems with remote control
  • we can always discuss possible options

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