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Tipping platform

Container (Un)loading Solution
Tipping platform 20’-45’ 45°- 60°

A second stationary container tilt system is the “Tipping Platform”. This multifunctional tilting system is built on the basis of requirements for: 20, 30, 40 and 45 ft. containers, or possibly a combination where different containers can be placed. So you have maximum flexibility. Another point that is determined according to requirements is the tilt angle, which can vary up to 60°. This depends strongly on the type of bulk goods. For bulk goods that are difficult to unload, a modification is possible to create a tilt angle up to 90°. This primarily applies to unloading of food products for which it is important that the container is unloaded fully to prevent contamination. The tilt table has simple controls and, after thorough instruction, is easy to operation by means of push buttons on the control cabinet or by means of a remote control. The manually operated TwistLocks and container door-open holders can also optionally be operated hydraulically. Furthermore, there is the possibility of monitoring these applications by means of sensors and signals.


  • Easy unloading of containers into hoppers or onto conveyor belts;
  • Fully hydraulic for very high ease of use;
  • Very safe, everything can be controlled remotely such as tilting and securing TwistLocks;
  • Adjustable speed. A container can be unloaded in 5 minutes;
  • The tilting chassis can be used for various containers. Such as: 20′, 30′, 40′, 45′;
  • The tilting chassis can unload bulk goods at various tilting angles (depending on the goods).
LengthSuitable for 1 x 20”, 30”, 45” ft container, max. length12.200 mm
Width2.500 mm
Own weight circa
2000 kg

The chassis is provided with a VAKO 30°-60°/20′-45’ hydraulic tilting container system.

Technical specifications
Tipping capacity30.000 kg
Max tipping angle60°
Max hydraulic pressure180 bar

VAKO - kieptafel

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