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Stationary systems

Gantry system

Tipping platform

Stationary vertical loader system

Our stationary systems can be divided into 2 categories, fully self-supporting or semi self supporting.
The systems were developed to unload bulk goods, but to some extent depending on the type of goods, it is also
possible to load containers. We have developed all our stationary container systems in-house.
All the systems are fully hydraulically actuated.

The VAKO gantry system lifts, transports and tips very safely. It is a stationary container system that can lift a 20, 30 or 40-ft ISO container off its trailer, transport it to the dumping point, and empty it out into a hopper or onto a conveyor belt. With its PLC control system, all actions from connecting the TwistLocks, to moving and tipping, are fully automatic. Of course you always maintain full control with the very reliable remote control. Because the crabs with which the container is lifted and transported have their own hydraulic supply, there is no need for hydraulic pipes or hoses going up, making the system also entirely at home in the foodstuffs industry. As the TwistLock crossbeams have a 3D function, the container can also be lifted up and laid down at an angle. No forklift or reach truck needed anymore!

The VAKO tipping platform is a very substantial and safe system for emptying your containers. It can be positioned almost anywhere and is proportionally controllable so that the load can be discharged gradually. Drive is electric or by combustion engine. Up to 30-40 tonnes and tipping angle up to 60°.

The VAKO stationary vertical loader is a container-handling system that has been developed to put shipping containers down vertically, with the doors at the top. In this way, the container can be filled optimally and maximally. This loading method is particularly useful for bulk products, whether or not in a liner. The VAKO stationary vertical loader picks the full container, up to 30 tonnes, up again and returns it to the horizontal position. Because all actions are fully hydraulic, depending on the product being loaded the hydraulically-powered door closers mean it is no longer necessary to climb up the container. A very safe system!

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