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Mobile systems

Vertical loader

Container tipper

Container tipper frame

Vertical loader (40”) 90

We can divide our mobile container systems into 2 categories involving loading, unloading, or a combination of both.

The VAKO vertical loader is a mobile container-handling system that has been developed to put shipping containers down vertically with the doors at the top. In this way, the container can be filled optimally and maximally. This loading method is particularly useful for bulk products, whether or not in a liner. The VAKO vertical loader then again picks up the full container weighing up to 30 tonnes and pulls it onto the chassis. Because all actions are fully hydraulic, depending on the product being loaded the hydraulically-powered door closers mean it is no longer necessary to climb up the container. A very safe system!

The VAKO container tipper is a container-handling system that can tip out containers to a maximum angle of 60°. This system can be built on almost all makes of trucks and all trailers. Through the use of a (double) hydraulic cylinder under the system, the space in your truck is utilised optimally. To a maximum of 30 tonnes and possible up to 40-ft ISO containers.

Using the mobile VAKO container tipper frame, you can tip out a container with any standard container chassis. As the system can be equipped with a combustion engine, your truck does not need to have a hydraulic system. The system can tip out a 20-ft container of up to 30 tonnes at up to 60°.

The system can be placed on the container chassis very easily with a forklift truck. If required, it can also be produced with support legs so a forklift is not needed for removal.

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Reference Objects

Our reference objects give a good image of our quality.

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