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VAKO gantry system

Container (Un)loading Solution
Gantry system 20”- 45”, 30°

The new way of unloading!!

The showpiece in our range of stationary container tilting systems is the “Container Tilter”. With the container tilter it is possible to drive a trailer carrying a container under the system. The container tilter can pick up the container at any position within the gantry. The container tilter is intended for unloading bulk goods from a container in a factory.
The trained operator uncouples the container from the trailer and opens the doors. The container tilter is fully hydraulically powered. Firstly, it tracks the corner casting. The container is driven horizontally in reverse to the unloading point where it is locked, at which point the container can be tipped out. After the container is emptied, it is tilted back to the horizontal position, after which the container is transported back to the trailer.


  • Self-supporting system;
  • Reach truck/forklift not necessary;
  • Fully hydraulic for very high ease of use;
  • Stepless operation;
  • Can be operated by one person (trained drivers can unload by themselves);
  • Takes up little space.

Type chassisVAKO Ganty chassis
LengthSuitable for 1 x 20”, 30”, 45” ft container, total length 14.200 mm.
widte5.000 mm
Hight6.200 mm
Own weight ca.11.000 kg, incl. Vako Powerpacks

The chassis provide VAKO 30°/20”-45” vertical tilting container system.

Technical specifications
Lift, scroll and tipping capacity30.000 kg
Max tipping angle30°
Slide distance7.500 mm
Max hydraulic pressurevariable

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