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Container tipper frame


Container Unloading Solutions
Self-supporting tipper frame 20′-40′, 45°- 60° to be mounted on container chassis

For the placement of a self-supporting tilt frame at different container chassis, we have developed a tilt frame that is coupled to the TwistLocks of the container chassis so the trailer can be used as a “Container Tilter”, if required. An added bonus, which can be seen as a major advantage, is that the tilt frame, possibly coupled with a container, can be disconnected from the trailer and be left behind on location with standard positioning legs front and rear or with hydraulically operated support legs (optional) to be picked up again at a later time. Due to its compactness, the tipper frame can also be stowed away easily. Through its simplicity and the fact that it is not a rolling vehicle, it has the advantage that there are few wearing parts, reducing the maintenance that needs to be done. Available with diesel/petrol or electrical power pack.


  • Easy unloading of containers;
  • Optional fully hydraulic by means of a power pack, therefore very high ease of use, very high operational reliability;
  • Speed: a container can be unloaded in 3 minutes;
  • The tilt chassis can be disconnected from the trailer and be left in place by means of mountable legs at any desired place (or using a forklift).

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