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About us

Who is VAKO and what does VAKO do?

VAKO was originally a construction company that designed and produced a wide range of steel structures commissioned by various clients. We also performed various repairs/replacements on lorries, primarily in freight transport.

In part due to the work, VAKO became aware of the need for high-quality covering systems, and VAKO has also developed various loading and unloading systems: both Stationary and Mobile. 

Aside from the production of these loading and unloading systems, which are now our company’s core business, you can of course still come to us for other work such as repairs.

At the same time, VAKO provides maintenance of compactor containers and we perform annual NEN 3140 inspections.

Our team consists of certified welders, NEN 3140 inspectors and hydraulics experts.

In other words, VAKO is a versatile company. Feel free to come by!

We perform all our deliveries and services under Metaalunie conditions

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Contact us for all the options

Do you have questions or do you have a custom product in mind? Contact us, we’re always happy to help and think along.

Reference Objects

Our reference objects give a good image of our quality.

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