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Innovative loading-,
unloading- and cover systems

  • Customize solutions
  • Low maintenance products
  • Years of expierence
  • Expert advice
  • Rock solid brand

VAKO Transport Systems

What we do

Stationary container systems

Mobile container systems

Cover systems

vacatures vako

Welding and construction

Reference Objects

Our reference objects give a good image of our quality.

More information?

Contact us for all the options

Do you have questions or do you have a custom product in mind? Contact us, we’re always happy to help and think along.

Why VAKO ?

Years of experience, development and trust!

What VAKO can do for you

  • Reliable supplier of efficient material for loading and unloading
  • Innovative coversystems
  • We are happy to brainstorm out-of-the-box solutions with you and give expert advice
  • Own service department for repairs and adjustments
  • Years of knowledge and expierence
  • Customer-oriented custom solutions
  • Low maintenance products

More information?


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